Green Tea & Sage

One of the first things you notice about a spa is its enticing aromas. You're typically treated to a clean, fresh, revitalizing scent that tickles your senses and soothes you to your very core. That same level of soothing can be yours with products from the Vitabath® Green Tea & Sage line.


With the relaxing aroma of green tea mingled with the soul-cleansing power of sage, it's easy to get your zen on. Vitabath makes it even easier with this refreshing scent as part of our Fragrance Collection, a sensationally scented line of bath and body products.


Green tea has been hailed as the healthiest beverage on earth, and you don't necessarily have to drink it to reap its benefits. When used for aromatherapy, green tea has the power to help you become relaxed, yet remain exceptionally alert. It's particularly good at relieving stress which, in turn, can help lower your blood pressure.


Sage has its own lineup of benefits when used in aromatherapy. The greatest is its ability to stimulate the brain while decreasing mental fatigue and depression. Put the two powerful scents together, and you can see why Vitabath Green Tea & Sage can help you get your zen on instantly.


One of the best ways to indulge in green tea and sage benefits is with our moisturizing body wash. In addition to the revitalizing scent, you'll enjoy a special formula containing powerful nutrients and antioxidants.


Our body wash contains the antioxidant-rich superfruits of acai, coffee, noni, goji, pomegranate and mangosteen, combined with vitamins known for their healthful effects on your skin. The result is a rich, foamy lather that moisturize and revives your skin while it cleanses.


Add a dash of our Green Tea & Sage Body Wash to your bath is another way to enjoy it. Simply pour a portion under running water, fill up the tub, then sit back and soak in the generous benefits. Get your Vitabath Green Tea & Sage today.

  • Green Tea & Sage Body Wash 10 fl oz/296 mL
    Green Tea & Sage Body Wash 10 fl oz/296 mL
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