Original Spring Green™ 3-wick Filled Candle 14oz/396g

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Vitabath® Original Spring Green™ 3-Wick Filled Candle 

The enticing scent features the intoxicating combination of pine and rosewood, accented with just the right amount of patchouli infused into the mix. The scent is heavenly enough to have been voted a customer favorite for the past 60 years. Add our Vitabath Original Spring Green™ 3-Wick Filled Candle to your pampering at-home spa experience and enjoy the rich aroma of fresh pine breeze to soothe your mind and uplift your mood.

Add our Original Spring Green™ 3-Wick Filled Candle to enhance the your home's atmosphere and make your space even more peaceful. Bring this candle into the bathroom where you can layer it along with our other Original Spring Green-scented products, including Original Spring Green™ Fragrance Mist, Original Spring Green™ Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gelee, Original Spring Green™ Mineral Soak and Original Spring Green™ Bar Soap.

Vitabath candles are great gifts for yourself - and for others! Simply light and enjoy.


Directions for Use: Burn only on a heat-resistant surface. Keep wax pool free of debris. Trim wick to ¼" each time candle is lit. Avoid drafty areas. Limit burn time to three hours, extinguish flame. Let candle cool before handling or relighting. Do not use cork lid to extinguish flame (this is to keep dust and debris out of candle while not in use).

CAUTION: Burn within sight • Keep away from things that catch fire • Keep away from children

Size: 14 ounces (396g) 

Made in Canada

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