Spa Skin Therapy™ Moisturizing Lotion 20 fl oz/600 mL

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Show your skin how much you care by using quality moisturizers to keep it silky and smooth. Spa Skin Therapy™ Moisturizing Lotion from Vitabath® Luxury Bath Products replenishes the moisture your skin loses throughout the day. We infuse our non-greasy lotion with an invigorating, ocean-fresh fragrance blending subtle florals and citrus with sandalwood undertones.

Nourishment for Your Body

To achieve healthier, softer skin, you need a lotion that can give your skin what it needs to look and feel its best. When you apply Spa Skin Therapy™ Lotion, you can restore and smooth your skin with our nutrient complex containing antioxidants and vitamins A and E.

We also include shea butter, aloe vera and other emollients in our unique formula to soothe irritation while softening your skin. To lock in moisture, we incorporate sea kelp extract and amino acids, giving your skin even more of the good stuff it needs. This product is just as effective and luxurious as any professional spa lotion, ensuring that your skin looks and feels amazing after each application.

Our Vitabath® products are also about what we leave out. Without harsh chemicals or irritating ingredients, our Spa Skin Therapy™ lotion is also a designated cruelty-free company, Vitabath® does not test products on animals, so you can feel confident using our lotion without compromising your values.

Sustenance for Your Soul

Enjoy a luxurious pampering experience any time you like when you apply Spa Skin Therapy™ Moisturizing Lotion from Vitabath®. This skin care product features an irresistibly invigorating fragrance that smells like fresh ocean waters blended with subtle feminine florals, zesty citrus notes and warm sandalwood undertones.

It's a delightful aroma that lingers on your skin, allowing you to feel uplifted throughout the day. This fragrance transports you to a spa without the luxury expense. Use it as often as you like to hydrate your skin and feel pampered before you leave your home or to help you relax after a long, draining day. Stock up on this perfectly balanced lotion when you buy the large, 20-fluid ounce bottle at an unbeatable price, and enjoy free shipping on orders over $65.

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