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SENT: 4/9/2017

FROM: Regina B.
"I love the Original Spring Green and Citrus Basil. I love the fragrance and Vitabath makes my skin feel great and smell fabulous. I hope you continue to make this product as I am hooked!"

SENT: 9/27/2015

FROM: gibby777

"I was first introduced to Vitabath in the early nineties by a woman who was in our healthcare facility. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant and I assist residents with bathing among many other things. I feel in love with the fragrance then. The only time I ever purchased any was while shopping at Ross' they would occasionally have the small size. My son recently gave me a birthday gift card to Ulta. I found Vitabath Spring Green and bought the 32 oz. bottle. Thank you for such a wonderful gelee."

SENT: 9/01/2015

FROM: S. Sakr

"I just purchased the pink frosting body mist and it is Amaaaaazing!!!!! The scent is delicious but not in a sweet sugary way, it's darkly delicious, there is something dark in it that make it smell expensive. Very happy i found this scent it suits all my expectations."

SENT: 7/29/2015

FROM: J. Hardy

"I have been using Vitabath Citron Basil for the last several years.  Purchased the original Spring Green during a recent online sale and just opened it today. The fragrance brought back so many memories. I can't remember when I first started using the original Vitabath, but I remember the first time vividly -- my mother went into the bathroom after I had taken a bath with this and said "oh my goodness, what smells so wonderful in the bathroom?" We shared the original for many years and then I started buying the dry skin version for her until her death 15 years ago. I think I have been using this product for 30 or more years and there's always a bottle in the shower or by the tub regardless of whatever else we are using. I think I'll stick with the original for a while just because the fragrance brings back so many good memories. Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

SENT: 3/30/2015

FROM: S. Schaff
"Having moved from a humid state to a dry one, I lotion up several times daily. I had my favorites, but discovered Vitabath Coconut Creme in the past quarter. I cannot believe the high quality and moisture it brings. I even demonstrated it for 3 customers (with myself as a customer) at a Walgreens and showed them the consistency in the liquid. All of us ended up purchasing. Fantastic product and it TRULY hydrates as it says – not the average lotion. I keep one in my office, vehicle, study desk, and bedroom. I am hooked. Five stars."

SENT: 1/27/2015

FROM: S. Anderson

"I have been a Vitabath fan since the early 1970's when my mother-in-law introduced me to the original Spring Green bath gel. I just loved it and then you added some new bath gels to your line...the Plus for Dry Skin and the Spa Skin Therapy are all I use now along with the lotions.

I so look forward to my luxurious soak in the tub knowing I'm going to finish feeling silky smooth and moisturized at the end of it. I also get a feeling of being very pampered. Some might say it is a little expensive to use all the time, but it really isn't at all. Compared to the regular store bath/shower gels, Vitabath lasts a long's very concentrated. Also, with Vitabath, you get exactly what they promise you, every time!

I gave my daughter-in-law gifts of Vitabath for Christmas over 10 years ago and now she has become a number one fan too! She loves the new fragrances in your Cupcake Couture line, especially the Vanilla Sugar and she also loves the Spa Skin Therapy bath gel and lotion.

Vitabath, whatever you're're doing it right and have been doing it right for a long time...Please keep up the good work because a lot of folks depend on you."

SENT: 6/23/2014
FROM: Kirkwood Corners
"Cupcake Couture Pink Frosting- Normally I don't use store bought body products because of the preservatives/chemicals but I came across this lotion and I'm so thrilled with it. It smells amazing, and keeps my skin soft. Cupcake/Frosting scents are my favourite and Vitabath has completely surprised me. I'm telling everyone about it. THANKS!!! xx"

SENT: 1/22/2014
FROM: Kirkwood Corners
"Hello, I have a 98 year old woman who has been using your Vitabath sensitive skin gelee for years! She swears by it and we use it every week when she takes a bubble bath. She says that it makes the best bubbles and makes her skin feel soft and fresh. She says it's the only stuff She's used for many many years!"

SENT: 1/13/2014
FROM: Libbybeas
"Love Vitabath Gelee Original Spring Green. Can not imagine taking a Shower or bath without this product. Fragrance is just heavenly! Makes my bathroom and bedroom fill with such a wonderful, mood lifting, refreshing way to start the day. I began to use this in early 80's. I cannot live without Vitabath!!!"

SENT: 1/5/2014
FROM: Guest
"I have very dry sensitive skin. Vitabath Plus for Dry Skin is the only bath gel that has touched my skin for the past 26 years. I buy it by the gallon which will literally last 3-4 years. I love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel. It is simply the best product for dry skin I have ever found."

SENT: 11/04/2013

FROM: Cheryl R.
"I am writing you to share with you the history of Vitabath in my family. In 1984 when I was a 16 year old girl, I received a gift for Christmas from a family I babysat for, it was Vitabath Spring Green. I loved it, and it lasted a long time. I tried the lemon and the rose, but Spring Green remained my favorite. Four years later I met my future husband and one day we were in a store, and he pointed out the Vitabath and said he really liked it, especially the Spring Green. I laughed and told him I did too! When you are first in a relationship with someone it is nice to find little things in common. We have been married for 20+ years and Vitabath is still a part of my family. Traditionally I buy it for my husband every Christmas, but sometimes he buys it for himself when he sees it on sale. My son who is 18, was shopping with my husband the other day and my husband pointed out the Vitabath and said, “I only buy it when it comes on sale” which is the reason I am writing you today. It was my son who said, “Mom, you should write the company and tell them about how much we like Vitabath, they like longtime customers like you.” It made me laugh and I thought, “ya why not”. I will say I went to buy some a little while back, maybe it was hubby’s birthday, and they did not have the Spring Green but I noticed the product on the shelf was different. I spoke with the girl as I was very disappointed and she said they still the Original product for which I was thankful. I hope you always sell the original Spring green even as products evolve and new things become popular. 

Thanks Vitabath for being a part of our family traditions."

SENT: 9/25/2013
FROM: Randy T.
"A wonderful friend introduced me to Vitabath PLUS GELEE for dry skin and the lotion as a gift right after having major surgery. From the moment I used both products I knew I had never experienced such luxury with healing properties plus the natural fragrance is soothing and delightful! Thank you to my special friend and Vitabath♥!"