Developed in Europe by skin care specialists in 1957, this group of experts set out to create the first liquid shower gel to help eliminate the drying properties of bar soap. With a vision in mind, they created an innovative yet superior product that cleansed the skin and provided important skin conditioning benefits. This specialized formula contained a complex blend of vitamins, botanical extracts along with a very distinctive fragrance that was unlike any other personal care product available to consumers of the time. The ingredients left skin feeling nourished, healthy and not dry like traditional bar soap. This was the birth of Original Spring Green™ Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gelée and the beginning of Vitabath®.

60 years later, Vitabath® continues to be recognized as a premium bath and body brand that delivers unmatched quality formulations. Every initiative we take is based on our heritage as one of the most revered brands in industry.  Over time, we have built upon our history and offer 2 collections, with more to come. Our variety of products available in unique fragrances enable you to take care of your biggest asset - your skin! 

First, we introduce you to our Classic Collection. This "Luxury in a Bottle" line has 5 fragrances and includes Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gelée, Moisturizing Gelée Bar Soap, Moisturizing Body Lotion, and Sea Salt Mineral Bath Soaks. You will find that this is line is an unparalleled at-home spa experience that nourishes and leaves your skin feeling replenished and beautiful.



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Fragrance Collection, introduced in 2011, was carefully formulated with a younger generation in mind. Taking special interest in making sure there was a bath and body skin regimen that is affordable, yet fun, allows a younger crowd to invest in their skin now, rather than later. Vitabath® launched a playfully balanced line that keeps mind, body and spirit at the forefront as a reminder to those with hectic schedules to stop and take care of your well-being. Being true to our history, the Fragrance Collection formulations contain an antioxidant-rich superfruit complex of acai, coffee, noni, goji, green tea, pomegranate and mangosteen with a vitamin blend of Vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E. These nutrients will leave skin feeling moisturized, clean, and vibrant! With products like Moisturizing Body Wash, Body Cream, Fragrance Mists, Bubble Bath, Epsom Salts, Bath Fizzies and Foaming Bath Bombs available in 9 truly breathtaking fragrances, we know you will find something to fall in love with.



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