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Vitabath® has long believed in the power of giving back. Being able to partner with large and small organizations alike who give back to the community is very important to us. Through fundraiser baskets and product donations, we have been able to spread good will, joy and generate much needed fundraiser dollars to charities that are making a difference. We thank each and every one of you for allowing us to be a partner with you and look forward to continuing to help give back. Every bit helps - please contact the charities/organizations below to see how you might be able to help. 


 October 2021 - Stockings for Soldiers       

         For the past three years, Tina Loizzi of Illinois, has taken on the project of Stockings for Soldiers. After her daughter went into the Air Force two years prior, it was something this Military mom came up with to give back. Two years ago, Tina kitted 200 stockings and sent them to FE Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne Wyoming. This past year, with the help of a few wonderful women, she was able to send 350 stockings to the Great Lakes Naval Base in Chicago. Her goal for 2021, was to have 400 stockings to send to Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, Illinois.

        Since this is such a big undertaking, she started to collect items in July in order to have enough time to assemble, pack and ship the amount to fulfill her goal. to collect items early as it takes quite some time to fill this amount of stockings. Vitabath was humbled to not only be asked, but to have the opportunity to donate to this wonderful cause and supporting our Military. 

         Tina was even featured on the news to discuss the amazing work she does, you may click here to watch the clip: - as long as she has companies willing to donate or people who are willing to supply some goodies, Tina will continue her work of warming soldier's hearts during the Christmas Season. If you would like to reach out to her, you may be emailing Tina at:



August 2021 - Food for the Poor

        With the Covid-19 Pandemic affecting us all globally, the impact to a community becomes worse when a natural disaster hits as it recently did when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the Tiburon Peninsula of Haiti on August 14th, 2021. With buildings being damaged and destroyed and an estimated 2,200 people were confirmed perished as of September 1st, 2021. It has been reported that over 12,200 people were injured, leaving 650,000 people in need of assistance and more than half a million children affected; this quickly became a humanitarian crisis. During this tragic time, Food for the Poor ministry was immediately organizing supplies, food, clothing and any items that could aide in the many areas where it would be needed.

       Our 22 pallet donation of Vitabath bulk 2-pack Hand Sanitizers arrived just in time to be packed with the other supplies that were being shipped. With water availability unknown and devastation all around, hand hygiene is extremely important for front line workers, the affected people in the communities and those that are already living with less than simple basic needs. We are very humbled to have been able to partner with Food for the Poor and help the people of Haiti in their time of need. If you would like to donate or help Food for the Poor - please click here:


August 2021 - Palm Beach County School District

        Back to school time and with in-school instruction for the students, schools are ensuring to have their Covid-19 protocols in place to help keep the students and staff safe and healthy this school year. With Covid-19 still affecting the health of individuals and the time of year that cold and flu are on the rise. As we know, hand hygiene is very important to help keep those hands nice and clean as the ability to wash hands is not always immediately available. The opportunity to have hand sanitizer in the classroom and ready for students to use definitely helps keep germs at bay. This school year, we were able to partner up with the Palm Beach County School District in Florida, which oversees 179 schools and nearly 200,000 students. Our donation of Vitabath bulk Hand Sanitizers will be put to good use with the faculty, staff and students. We're thankful to have this opportunity to help keep the students healthy this school year.  If you would like to find ways to help this school district, please click here to request information:




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If you are in need of assistance for your charity or event, please email us at: to submit your request.