Gray/White Bath & Shower Pouf 30g



Gray/White Bath & Shower Pouf 30g-

Use with our Shower Gelées and Body Washes with our Vitabath pouf to gently exfoliate your skin. Simply squeeze the desired amount of our gelées or body washes onto the pouf, add a little water and begin washing your body in a circular motion. The lather will get more luxurious as you go. Rinse product out of pouf after use and hang to dry.

This pouf is a gray and white mesh with a white rope loop.

Size: 30g

Made in China


Reviews (1)

Joy 6th Dec 2019

This is the best ever POUF

I've been using Vitabath for years and years and have been disappointed when these were not available for separate purchase. Just happened to see these so bought ten of them. I don't care what color they are, I just hope they keep them available to be purchased separately.

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