Plus for Dry Skin™ Moisturizing Lotion 20 fl oz/600 mL

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Soothe your spirit while softening your skin with Plus for Dry Skin™ Moisturizing Lotion, part of the Classic Collection from Vitabath®. This extra-moisturizing lotion features a delicate scent of jasmine and violet that blend into warm notes and a soft white musk undertone.

Feed the Skin You're In

While the fragrance alone is sensational, the benefits that our Plus for Dry Skin™ Moisturizing Lotion delivers to your skin are even better. This luxurious moisturizing lotion contains high-powered nutrients to soften and soothe the driest of skin. We infuse the gentle formula with vitamins A and E, rich emollients and other nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera, shea butter, amino acids and hazel seed oil.

Our customers love this rich lotion because it provides intense moisture without feeling greasy or heavy. It absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling soft, silky and smooth. If you typically reach for a cream or ointment to improve your skin's texture, give this lightweight lotion a try and see the Vitabath® difference.

Add to Your Skincare Routine

The gentle ingredients of this moisturizing lotion combine to replenish your skin's moisture and keep it hydrated. Apply Plus for Dry Skin™ right after the shower to infuse your skin with a subtle scent and optimal nourishment or use it before bedtime to lock in moisture as you sleep. You'll love how this lotion sooths your skin throughout the whole day or night.

Our Plus for Dry Skin™ formula is also available in other products, including our Mineral Bath Soak, Gelée Bar Soap and our classic Shower Gel & Gelée. Using several products with the same subtle scent allows it to last even longer.

Shop Vitabath® for Plus for Dry Skin™ Moisturizing Lotion in the 20-fluid ounce (600-milliliter) bottle so the whole family can enjoy soft, healthy skin. You can save even more on our affordable bath and body products with free shipping on orders over $65.

Free Of: Parabens • Dyes • Phthalates

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