Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ 3-Wick Filled Candle 14oz/396g

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Vitabath® Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ 3-Wick Filled Candle

Light up your at-home spa experience and pamper your senses with our Vitabath Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ 3-Wick Filled Candle. Our fun, fragrant Vitabath candle features a crisply tart pomegranate fragrance. Additional depth is added to this high-quality candle, thanks to sparkling peach prosecco, a touch of citrusy orange flower and clean, effervescent pink apple blossoms.

Add our Vitabath candle to set your Vitabath at-home spa experience over the top. This beloved fragrance is also available in our body- and soul-nourishing products. Layer this pomegranate fragrance when you use Vitabath's family of Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ family of luxury spa products, including Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ Body Wash, Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ Fragrance Mist, Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ Bath Fizzies, Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ Body Cream, Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ Bubble Bath or Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ Hand-Wrapped Foaming Bath Bombs.

Simply light our Vitabath Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ 3-Wick Candle and enjoy blissful billowy bubbly bath time by candlelight or create your own peaceful ambiance in your home. These candles make a great gift for holidays or pick them up for yourself.


Directions for Use: Only burn on heat-resistant surface. Keep wax pool free of debris. Trim wick to ¼" each time candle is lit. Avoid drafty areas. Limit burn time to three hours, extinguish flame. Let candle cool before handling or relighting. DO NOT use included cork lid to extinguish flame (this is to keep dust and debris out of candle while not in use). 

CAUTION: Burn within sight • Keep away from things that catch fire • Keep away from children

Size: 14 ounces (396g) 

Made in Canada 

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