Best Bubble Bath for Adults

Taking a bubble bath can be a delight for all ages, but there's a distinct difference between the best bubble bath for kids and the best bubble bath for adults. While kids may be happy splashing about in a variety of bubble bath formulations as long as they make bubbles, adults deserve to be pampered while soaking in a tub full of bliss.

That bliss comes from a fabulous fragrance, nourishing ingredients and an overall spa-like experience that makes your soul sigh with serenity.

Adult Bubble Bath Fragrances

While everyone has a different take on what fragrance makes their sigh soul with serenity, several fragrances tend to have universal appeal.

  • Lavender: A powerfully soothing scent, lavender is frequently found in skincare and aromatherapy products designed to help you relax. This relaxation becomes even more effective when the scent of lavender is blended with calming chamomile and creamy warm vanilla, a combination you'll find in Vitabath® Lavender Chamomile Bubble Bath.
  • Spearmint: Spearmint is cool and refreshing, providing an exhilarating cleansing experience. The experience becomes even more invigorating when spearmint is combined with thyme, rosemary, tea tree and eucalyptus. Souls that sigh serenely with this combination of mind-clearing scents will find it in Vitabath Cool Spearmint & Thyme™ Bubble Bath.
  • Coconut: Coconut is a beloved scent for eliciting thoughts of tropical beaches, glorious sunshine and the soothing sound of ocean waves. Combine blissful coconut with warm vanilla and sweet spun sugar, and the tropical beach comes complete with the scent of a fresh-baked treat. That's the type of comfort you can enjoy from Vitabath Heavenly Coconut Crème™ Bubble Bath.

Top Ingredients for Adult Bubble Bath

Adult bubble bath fragrances can be enhanced when real extracts are used, and your overall experience can be enhanced when the formulation contains natural ingredients known for their skin-enhancing benefits. Key ingredients to look for include a mixture of vitamins and antioxidant-rich superfruits, both of which can nourish and revive your skin.

Vitamins known for their skin benefits include A, B3, C, E and pro-vitamin B5. Skin-replenishing superfruits include acai, goji, coffee, noni, pomegranate, green tea and mangosteen.

What's left out of a bubble bath is just as important as what's put in it. The best bubble baths will be paraben-free, as well as free of things like dyes, phthalates, propylene glycol and parabens. Those striving for extra credit will also leave out silicones, phenoxyethanol, gluten and soy.

Other Adult Bubble Bath Considerations

Immersing your body in a bubble bath means you trust it to only contain ingredients that are helpful, rather than harmful. Getting full peace of mind comes from choosing a quality brand with a long history of continued success. The best brands will not test their products on animals, nor will they outsource the manufacturing to a faraway, overseas location where they may have little to no quality control over the process.

And we can't forget the luxury aspect of it all. Slipping into a tub full of blissful bubbles needs to immediately bring you a soothing, relaxation sensation that makes all your woes slip down the drain. Looking for the best adult bubble baths that meet all the criteria? Shop Vitabath luxury bath products now.