Does Body Wash Dry Out Your Skin? - Vitabath Products

Body wash is not typically known for drying out skin, especially when compared to traditional bar soap, but it may not always leave your skin as soft and supple as you wish. The amount of moisturizing power body wash provides depends on the type of body wash you use as well as how you use it. A number of tips from Vitabath® Luxury Bath and Body Products can help ensure your skin stays soft, supple and nourished every time you cleanse with body wash.

Pay Attention to Body Wash Ingredients

Not all body washes are created equal. In fact, you may find a world of differences between a low-end body wash and a luxury body wash with the latter winning out for moisturizing power every time.

The most luxurious body washes will contain a lineup of natural ingredients designed to nourish, moisturize and soften the skin. Vitabath Body Wash is specifically formulated to achieve exactly that with key ingredients that include:

  • Antioxidant-rich superfruits: Mangosteen, coffee, noni, goji, green tea, pomegranate
  • Skin-enhancing vitamins: Vitamins A, B3, C, E and pro-vitamin B5

Your skin may also be affected by body wash ingredients used for color and fragrance, such as dyes and other chemicals. Vitabath Body Wash is free of dyes and we also incorporate essential oils for fragrance when possible.

Use the Right Amount of Body Wash

While it may be tempting to lather up a storm with a pouf full of body wash, using less body wash actually gives you more moisturizing power. That's because excessive foam can more quickly strip your skin of its natural oils that keep it soft and protected.

Rinse Thoroughly in Ideal Water Temperature

Thoroughly rinsing off body wash is another important move, as some body washes may leave a sticky or oily residue behind if not properly rinsed. The temperature of the water can also have an impact on your skin, since hot water and air are well known for robbing skin of moisture.

Use warm water for your shower instead, following your rinse with a quick pat dry and quality moisturizer.

Follow up with Body Moisturizer

Even if you use a body wash designed to moisturize your skin, you still want to use a body moisturizer after the shower. Those prone to dry skin will get best results by applying moisturizing body lotion or cream immediately after showering.

Keep Body Wash off the Face

While body wash is designed to take care of your skin all over your body, the skin on your face needs extra special attention. Body wash is not formulated for delicate facial skin, and it can cause dryness or clogged pores.

Incorporating these tips into your regular routine can help you make the most of what body wash has to offer. And you'll find an entire line of body washes offering a luxurious amount of moisturizing and pampering power with the body washes crafted by Vitabath. Shop the selection of Vitabath Body Washes now.