How Long Does Bubble Bath Last?

We've all had that disappointing experience in the tub where the bubbles from our bubble bath seem to dissipate, well, immediately. We light the scented candles. Choose a selection of serene music. Carefully fill the tub with warm and a dreamy fragrance of bubble bath. But after all that preparation and hard work, we end up sitting in a tub filled with flat, non-bubbly water.

How long bubble baths last depends on the types of ingredients used in the formulation, and those that go flat quickly may not contain the best ingredients. Choosing a bubble bath with bubbles that last means opting for one that contains quality ingredients and prepping the tub in such a way to produce the maximum amount of long-lasting suds.

Quality Bubble Bath Ingredients

The bubbles in bubble bath are typically produced by a surfactant, or an ingredient that reduces the surface tension of the bath water for a big, bountiful, bubbly effect. Two of the top surfactants for producing long-lasting bubbles are sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate. For top-notch bubbles, one or both of those ingredients are generally at the top of the list of bubble bath ingredients.

In addition to ingredients known for making quality, long-lasting bubbles, you also want to look for a delightful fragrance, as well as ingredients that nourish and moisturize your skin. Skin enhancing vitamins are a good choice, as are antioxidant-rich superfruits.

One more thing you want to check is the ingredients the bubble bath avoids. Even if certain ingredients may not impede bubble production, they are not the type of component you want to soak in for an extended period or release into the environment down the drain. The best bubble baths will not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, dye, silicones and propylene glycol.

Making Big Bubbles that Last

The recipe of ingredients plays a role in how long bubble bath lasts, as does the method you use when creating your bubble bath. Rather than pouring the bubble bath into the tub immediately, wait until the tub has at least 2 inches of water in it. Then slowly pour a small amount of the bubble bath under the running water. The more powerful your water pressure, the more bubbles your bubble bath will produce.

Increase the suds even further by quickly swishing your fingers through the water and bubble bath directly underneath the faucet. You can continue to add more bubble bath as the tub is filling, and refresh with fresh water and more bubble baths if you're taking an extensive soak.

While there is no single answer to the question of how long bubble bath lasts, you can ensure your bubble bath produces the most blissful, long-lasting bubbles possible. All you need to do is use the helpful hints when filling the tub and choose a bubble bath formulation with quality ingredients. Bubble baths from Vitabath Luxury Bath Products fit the bill perfectly. Check out our selection of seriously bubbly bubble baths today.