Can Body Wash Be Used as Hand Soap?

With the world currently being impacted by a global pandemic, there is a focus on cleanliness. Everyone is supposed to wash their hands on a regular basis to reduce the transmission of the virus, but people are also fixated on keeping their bodies and homes clean as well.

Hand soap has become a coveted product, and with some people panic buying and other issues with the supply chain, finding enough soap could become problematic. When that happens, you might be looking at other items in your house and wondering if they can be used to wash your hands. In particular, you might be wondering: Can you use body wash as hand soap?

Body Wash vs. Hand Soap

Should you find yourself low on hand soap and wondering if body wash can be used instead, the answer is yes.

In fact, body wash and shower gels have the closest formulations to hand soap — meaning that they have the ingredients necessary to get your hands clean and remove germs, oftentimes without drying your skin out.

If you wanted to get technical, the differences between body wash and hand soap are found in their formulas, size of the container they come in, how they are packaged and their price. Other than that, the one ingredient that removes grime and germs from your hands, surfactants, aren’t that much different.

All soap contains surfactants because they’re essential when it comes to removing dirt and germs from your skin. No matter what type of soap you use to wash your hands, the surfactants will help get them clean and reduce the chances of spreading germs to other people.

Other Soap Options

When running low on hand soap, body wash isn’t the only soap alternative you can consider using. Some of the other options include the following:


Like any other soap in your home, shampoo contains surfactants that will remove germs and dirt from your hands. This may not be the best option, as some of the ingredients might leave behind a residue, but it’ll work in a pinch.

Bar Soap

Not only is bar soap generally cheaper than other hand soaps, but it can also last for a really long time — if stored properly. It can also be a great handwashing alternative if you run low on other hand soap.

Dish Soap

While dish soap will get your hands clean, it should only be used as a last-ditch effort. It may dry out and irritate your skin if used several times a day.

Stock Up on Soap

Not only is it important to have enough soap in your home to keep everyone clean, but it should also pamper and nourish your skin. There’s nothing wrong with showering and washing your hands often, but make sure you are taking care of your body and spirit in the process.

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