How is Hand Sanitizer Made? - Hand Sanitizers Info

Within the past few months, you have probably thought about hand sanitizer more than you ever did in the past. With the current pandemic and the need to stay as healthy as possible, being able to kill germs while on the go is essential. Using hand sanitizer is the fastest and easiest ways to achieve that goal when you can’t get to soap and water.

How Is Hand Sanitizer Made?

Hand sanitizer only contains a few ingredients, including purified water and either ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or benzalkonium chloride. Some of the other ingredients that can be mixed in include moisturizers or skin conditioners, fragrance, ingredients that give it a gel-like consistency and usually something that makes it taste bad so that young kids don’t consume it.

Hand sanitizer is relatively simple, but it has a big job. Ensuring that you get an effective product is the key to staying healthy in the current environment.

Is it Possible to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home?

Since so many people are currently using hand sanitizer, in an effort to save money, they may think that it’s smart to make their own at home. There is no shortage of recipes that can be found online to do it yourself. However, it’s not recommended that you take this approach.

To be effective, hand sanitizer has to contain a certain percentage of alcohol. The recommended percentage is a minimum of 60%. Any less, and it won’t kill germs on your hands, which means you could still get infected with COVID-19 or other pathogens.

The other issue with trying to make hand sanitizer at home is that it won’t turn out like the products you buy from retailers. It may not evaporate like it’s supposed to, or the final product might be runny — either can make using the product unpleasant and messy to use.

The final thing that you need to be aware of is that hand sanitizers are regulated by the FDA. This guarantees that the ingredients are safe for humans to use and they won’t cause harm. The sanitizer you create at home hasn’t gone through a stringent testing process. More than likely, it won’t be effective at killing germs. The absolute worst-case scenario is that it could result in negative health impacts.

Where Can I Find Effective Hand Sanitizer?

Using homemade hand sanitizer isn’t advised, so where’s the best place to get it? At Vitabath®, we wanted to bring the skin-nourishing benefits of our products to hand sanitizers too, so we now offer two different hand sanitizers to choose from: calming Lavender Chamomile and invigorating Cool Spearmint & Thyme™.

These hand sanitizers are not only effective at killing pathogens that might be on your hands, but they are also FDA compliant. If you live in Canada, our hand sanitizers also comply with the rules and regulations set forth by Health Canada.

In addition, our formula will also protect your natural skin barrier. You won’t have to worry about our hand sanitizers drying out your skin to the point of discomfort. You’ll be able to stay safe and keep your skin hydrated. As another bonus, you’ll also be able to indulge in one of our uplifting fragrances.

When it comes to keeping yourself safe while on the go, hand sanitizers make that task quick and easy. At Vitabath, we have exactly what you’re looking for to keep hands clean, happy and healthy. Check out our hand sanitizers today!