The Power of Vitamin C

We all know vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is essential for many functions in the body, including immune system function, tissue repair, formation of collagen and the maintenance of bones, cartilage and teeth. It is contained in many of the fruits and vegetables we eat, including oranges, cantaloupe, broccoli, cabbage, kiwi, strawberries, tomatoes, red peppers and more. A person with her hands on her face Description automatically generated with low confidence

However, vitamin C is also a powerful topical ingredient in many lotions, serums, soaps and other body products. Let's explore the benefits of vitamin C for the skin.

  • It may protect against sun damage. Some research suggests that vitamin C can help reduce the harm that UVA and UVB rays do to the skin. This doesn't mean it can replace sunscreen, however, because it doesn't block the sun's rays. However, if and when sun damage occurs, it can help reduce long-term damage, especially when used in combination with ferulic acid and vitamin E.
  • It may lighten dark spots. More research is needed on this topic, but some studies show that vitamin C applied to the skin can lighten dark spots, or hyperpigmentation.
  • It can help with acne. Since vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory agent, it can help calm down acne flare-ups and also help control oil production in the skin.
  • It can help smooth wrinkles. Vitamin C is also an anti-aging ingredient. Research has shown it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles both when applied to the skin and when incorporated into one's diet.
  • It can boost collagen. As we age, our skin contains less collagen, which makes it less elastic. Vitamin C applied to skin can encourage collagen production and also protect existing collagen from damage.
  • It can promote healing. Because vitamin C is an antioxidant, it can help wounds heal more quickly when applied to skin and also when incorporated into a diet or added as a dietary supplement.
  • It can dimmish the appearance of scars. Just as vitamin C can reduce wrinkle appearance and lighten dark spots, it can make scars less noticeable.

What to Look for When Shopping for Products with Vitamin C

Look for vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid (also known simply as ascorbic acid), which has been found to be its most effective form. You may also see other forms of vitamin C on labels, including sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and ascorbyl palmiate.

To get the most benefits out of vitamin C in products, look for concentrations between 10% and 20%. Also, store products with vitamin C away from light and air to preserve their effectiveness. It's also a good idea to apply vitamin C to clean skin, and to be careful about applying it in combination with retinol, as using them both can cause irritation. You may choose to alternate use of these products if you wish to use both.

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