Unique Gifts for Men — Muscle Soak — Vitabath

Men like to take baths every now and again too. While bubble baths and bath bombs might not be up their alley, you can be sure Vitabath® Men’s Muscle Soak is. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your boyfriend, brother, father or any other man you hold dear, you’ve come to the right place. This bath soak gift will have him feeling relaxed in no time, a welcome escape after a busy day.

Muscle Soak for the Bath

When added to a warm bath, our muscle soak will relax and soothe muscles while helping clean away dirt and grim. It’s the perfect luxury bath product for the man who spend his days doing manual labor or frequently visits the local gym. It can even be used as a foot soak after long days spent on his feet.

The men in your life work hard. Give them a relaxing night at home with a muscle soak containing essential oils for sore muscles.

Skin Benefits

With over 60 years of bath and body care experience, we are experts when it comes to treating your skin right. Our Men’s Muscle Soak is no exception and will do as much for his skin as it does for his muscles.

Made with cannabis sativa seed and hemp seed oil and a blend of vitamins, this muscle soak nourishes and moisturizes skin while relaxing the body and mind. He will get out of the bath with loosened muscles and smooth skin, making it the perfect end to a long day.

Two Refreshing Scents

Our muscle soak comes in two invigorating scents, so you can pick the right one for the man of the day. Both scents will float around the room in the billowing steam from the bath, allowing him to inhale the calming aroma.

The Citrus & Cedar soak contains a warm scent of bergamot, green citrus and wood undertones. This cozy scent will relax his mind while the soak works his tired muscles.

The Coastal Woods soak is a cooler fragrance with amber, ocean notes and white wood for stress-relieving aroma as he rests in a tub of warm water mixed with this bath soak.

A Gift for Him

Vitabath Men’s Muscle Soak is a wonderful gift for him to show how much you love and appreciate him. Giving him an at-home spa experience that will soothe his muscles and nourish his skin is a practical luxury the men in your life will appreciate.