Why men's skincare is formulated differently

Did you ever wonder why there are different skin products for men than there are for women? Do the differences largely come down to marketing, product names and packaging? Are they simply based on different scent preferences? Why, for example, does Vitabath® offer a complete line of men's skincare basics?

The truth is that men's skin does differ from women's skin in the following ways:

  • It's thicker. Men's skin is typically 25% thicker than women's. This is not because men start out with more collagen than women, but because they lose collagen at a slower, more gradual rate than women do.
  • It has more active oil glands. Men's sebaceous glands are more active, allowing it to create more moisture into adult years. Their androgenic hormones also play a part in this. Since they have more of this type of hormone in their bodies, they tend to produce more oil. Conversely, women have hormones that balance the activity of their androgenic hormones, which can reduce oil production.
  • It ages more gradually. It's not necessarily fair, but men tend to age more gradually than women. Men's skin tone and other skin characteristics change gradually over a longer period time, whereas women tend to have more consistent skin tones and then see a more dramatic decrease in thickness and moisture content after menopause.
  • It's generally less sensitive. Because men do produce more oil, or sebum, than women, their skin is less prone to dryness and sensitivity. It's better protected from the environment.
  • It has a different pH. Men generally have a slightly higher, or more alkaline, pH than women on their skin's surface. However, the pH inside men's epidermis is typically lower, or more acidic.

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Differences in Men and Women's Skincare Products

What does this mean for men's products? How do they differ from those designed for women? First of all, they tend to focus less on moisturizing. That's why you don't see a lot of moisturizers for men on the market.

What's more, women may experience more acne and other skin problems from hormonal changes as they age. Products for older women tend to include exfoliants and acne-fighting agents like salicylic acid to help combat these problems. For men, acne tends to be a problem only during puberty, so their skincare regimen might include more acne-fighting agents early on rather than later in life.

Because men experience a more gradual decline in skin tone beginning at a younger age, their skincare products may contain age-fighting ingredients earlier than those for women would. This is to help combat the gradual decline in collagen levels early on in the process.

Finally, men may experience irritation from shaving, so many of their products might contain astringents, antimicrobial agents and soothing agents to prevent infections and soothe the skin.

Generally, men are less likely to use numerous products, so many of their products are formulated for double use, like Vitabath's All-In-One Wash. This versatile product is designed for use as a shampoo and conditioner for hair, as well as a body wash. It can even be used for shaving. It's formulated with hemp seed oil and Vitabath's vitamin blend of A, B3, C, E and pro-vitamin B5.

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