How Long do Candles Last? — Types of Candles that Last

After a long day, you need to relax and unwind. When you get home, you deserve a moment to put your feet up and not have to think about your troubles and worries. An uplifting or relaxing fragrance is a quick way to start that at-home spa experience, but a candle that loses its aroma can have the opposite effect. One of the best ways to make sure you always get the fragrance you love with every light is with the long-burning types of candles from Vitabath®.

Whether you have placed these around your tub or have them set in a quiet, dark room where you meditate, the scent adds something extra to your experience. Vitabath’s goal is to ensure that your self-care is second to none, and the types of candles we offer do just that.

The Perfect Scent Makes All the Difference

The best way to decompress after a hectic day is to take in the calming scent of chamomile and lavender. With an added layer of warm vanilla, the Lavender Chamomile Three-Wick Candle is a great for melting away your worries to tackle tomorrow fresh.

Should you be looking for an escape to take a few moments to yourself, you don’t have to travel far. The Heavenly Coconut Crème™ Three-Wick Candle, with its sweet coconut and rich vanilla scents, can transport you to a tropical island — and you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your home. Take some for yourself and imagine laying on the beach. If a fruity paradise is more your speed, choose our Pomegranate Bellini Blush™ Three-Wick Filled Candle with layers of pomegranate, sparkling peach prosecco, a touch of citrusy orange flower and effervescent pink apple blossoms. By the time you open your eyes, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

You can Relax for Hours

When it comes to relaxing and taking the time you need for some self-care, you want to have that feeling last as long as possible. When you buy one of the 14-ounce candles from Vitabath, you can expect them to burn with delightful fragrance for hours. This will give you plenty of time to free your mind and body of any tension or stress that may have developed earlier in the day.

Paired with our other bath products, you can transform your bathroom into a personal at-home spa experience to wash away your tension. Adding some bubble bath or bath fizzies can make the water even more relaxing, and body washes or gels can help you feel clean and refreshed to boot.

At the end of the day, you deserve a relaxing moment to yourself. Make it a luxurious and calming one by adding the right candles to your self-care regimen.